A downloadable twitter bot

Created for Procjam 2017, Isle de Lux is a bot that models islands in Blender and posts them to Twitter every couple of hours.

You can find Isle de Lux at https://twitter.com/isledelux

Isle de Lux is written in Python, and depends on Blender to generate images and the Tweepy module to talk to the Twitter API.

A zip file is provided here with the source in Python, as well as a Blender .blend file used by the program in which to execute the renders.

You can also load the script into your own Blender scene and play around with the island generating functions. Just be aware that it is designed to delete everything in the scene and make new stuff every time you hit "Run Script", so don't run it inside of an important scene!

Keep in mind that these tools were developed in a short period of time as part of a game jam, and may not function as intended. Employ my spaghetti code at your own risk.


isledelux.zip 162 kB

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